After being here for 3 years (teaching for Linfield, SWOCC, and doing some consulting) it was time to get back to doing full-time CPA work. This was a tough decision for me because I knew very well what most CPA firms were like. Tax season is usually stressful beyond belief. The atmosphere in most CPA firms is stuffy and boring. Most CPAs dress like they are going to a funeral (trust me, I had lots of $500 3-piece suits when I worked at Arthur Andersen).
So, there I was thinking thoughts like: “Is it possible to have a CPA firm where people are NOT stressed out?” “Is it possible to hire people who are technically fantastic but also very friendly?” “This business will need front-office personnel who smile and are actually GLAD to see clients when they come in the door?”
Well, I am here to tell you that I am thrilled…and also humbled. We have done it. We are now the second largest CPA firm in the area and still growing. Our office is a HAPPY place to be…not only for us, but for our clients as well. I want you to know that this office has the BEST staff I have ever worked with…no exaggeration here. I treat my staff like GOLD…because they ARE gold!! I hire a massage therapist weekly during tax season (I pay) and monthly the rest of the year. My staff deserve it. In addition, my wife cooks a gourmet lunch for all of us each Thursday (just try and call our office on any given Thursday between noon and 1pm or even 1:30 pm……we let the answering machine pick up!!).
So, by “thinking-outside-the-box” we have been able to live up to our slogan of “Not Your Basic Bean Counter”!! We are able to offer the best quality services along with a casual, happy, stress-free environment.