In 2008 I joined the ranks of 30 tax professionals who, at various times during the year, travel around the country teaching tax seminars to thousands of attendees. It was a great honor to be chosen for this position. The company (called Gear Up) that puts on the seminars has been around for decades and puts on the most successful seminars in the states.
Doing that keeps me very up-to-date on the tax laws and what is happening around the country with tax matters, IRS issues, and lots more.
But it also allows me to keep my staff fully up-to-date with in-house tax training sessions.
As you know, tax rules are complex and, despite Congress telling us that they will “simplify the tax laws”, the average American simply cannot keep up with all the rules. It would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to keep up on an annual basis. Well, at my firm, WE ACTUALLY SPEND HUNDREDS OF HOURS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EACH YEAR on tax seminars and research materials!
You want to be with a firm that commits that many resources toward knowing all the ins and outs of tax laws and dealing with the IRS. As part of our family, you have that peace of mind.

“Not Your Basic Bean Counter”….not just a slogan.
A brilliant marketer once said “If all you do is what everyone else in your industry does, then you’ll never be any better than the rest of your industry.” Those words found a home in my heart. We pride ourselves on NOT being like everyone else. We listen. We return phone calls. We actually care…a LOT….about our clients. We treat our clients like family. We communicate regularly with our clients (and vice-versa). When we mess up (and, yes, it does happen!) we cheerfully fix it.