Michael A Gordon, CPA, has done my business and personal tax preparation for the past 15 tax seasons.  He does the most important thing well, that is, well informed, accurate tax preparation and advice for a reasonable cost (I mean, come on, if he can’t get it right, or if I can’t afford it, then what’s the point!?)  Mike keeps himself up to date on tax law, and passes that information and his advice along to his clients via monthly newsletters and personal consultation.  During tax season the deadlines and time frames are accurate and workable.  The rest of the year he and his staff are available with friendly accurate advice.  But it doesn’t stop there…..
Michael A Gordon, CPA is much more than quality work and a fair price, it’s like a family.  Let me tell you about my personal experiences.  First of all Mike understands the importance of good food!  And his wife Rhoda is a world class baker who knows how to deliver (Yum!  Thanks Rhoda!)  Tammy has been a happy voice on the phone and a smile in the office since the very beginning.  I know when I talk to her that I will be treated well and not forgotten…and she knows how to laugh at things.  (She is also a wealth of information and help, I shouldn’t forget that part.)  Susan, who has worked on my returns for the past several years, is such a meticulous person.  She drives me nuts every year with phone calls double checking information and suggesting money saving strategies.  (Of course I’m just kidding about being driven nuts, last year one of those calls resulted in about $800.00 in free money courtesy of Uncle Sam!)  All the rest of the office staff are great to work with also!