Well….the key word here is “SERVICE”!  That’s how it all began.  Back in the early ‘90’s, Mike Gordon “trips” into town, stopping in our print shop because we apparently displayed some mutual appreciation for MAC computers.  Somewhere in conversation with my husband and I, he says… “I’m new in town, I’ve got some free time for a short while and I’d like to use it to help out some small businesses like yourselves.  What can I do to help your company in the area of accounting?”  Well….you don’t have to slap me on the side of the head too many times to get me to recognize that most accountants wouldn’t make such and offer, so I turned our “books” over to him that year.   It didn’t take long to discover that his services HAD to be budgeted into our financial picture.  Integrity dictated that, because of the quality of his expertise, the “bottom line” amount of our tax bills, and his genuine care to make our business successful, his services could no longer remain “free”.
Almost 20 years have passed since Mike developed his own business to its current status of qualified staff.  We have been through a number of business changes ourselves but have learned to “expect” the continuation of quality and expertise in his firm’s services.  His standard is keen on knowledge, accuracy, integrity, and professionalism……and we are always greeted with a laughing smile or voice, making us feel like they are really THRILLED to have us call or stop in with a question.
Now, Mike has never been…and will never be your ordinary “bean counter”, but that’s what I mean about him…..it’s STILL all about SERVICE.  They do it very well…..and that’s why we keep coming back to them!!